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OurOrland ParkTop Hispanic Attorney sof Abogados Espanoles are dedicated to vigorously protecting the rights and interests of those who have been hurt due to the negligence or recklessness of another party, and the firm consistently achieves the top results in Orland Park representing Will County, Illinois accident victims. In both 2010 and 2011 we achieved 4 out of the top 100 results for personal injury claims as reported by the Orland Park IL Jury Verdict Reporter. Those results were followed in 2012 with the highest reported jury verdict in the State ofIllinois in a construction accident case.

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At Abogados Espanoles, our Spanish Speaking accident lawyersin Illinois have the knowledge and experience necessary to assist clients in their pursuit of compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages, and other losses that can result from a sudden accident. Whether you are interested in possible car accident litigation or in need of support after you have been a victim of medical malpractice, the experienced and knowledgeable IL personal injury attorneysof Abogados Espanoles, are prepared to help you more fully understand your legal rights and options.

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Car Accidents in Chicago – Minimum RequirementsSpanish Speaking Pi Law Firm

After being seriously hurt in an accident, it is important to find reputable and aggressive personal injury representation at a trusted law firm. This will give you the best opportunity to recover the full and fair compensation you are owed in order to pay for hospital bills, medical expenses, lost wages, and more. When it comes times to sit face to face with a potential personal injury lawyer, it is helpful to know what questions to ask before choosing them to represent your claim. Continue reading to learn some helpful tips for interviewing a personal injury lawyer.

Interview Questions for Personal Injury Lawyers

The most effective method for choosing a group of law firms to interview is word of mouth. Personal recommendations and referrals are a great way to find law firms that have provided good service for people you know and trust. You can also do online searches using reputable web portals like Yelp and Google+. These portals provide contact information, credentials, recent customer reviews, and company descriptions of practice areas and more. It is a comprehensive way to learn about a law firm before giving them a call. Credentials to look for include licensing, 10+ years of experience, history of successful cases, and customer reviews.

Do You Personally Handle My Case, or Will it Be Passed On to Another Person?

– A lawyer may interview really well and hit all your check points, but then they pass your case onto another professional in their firm. Choose a lawyer who will actually be working on your case themselves.

Can You Explain Your Contingency-Fee Payment Plan in Detail?

– There are some fees associated with big lawsuits. Talk to the lawyer about all the potential fees you may face even on a contingency-fee plan.

Do You Have the Proper Financial and Workforce Resources to Take On My Case?

– Big cases may require a lot of resources, such as expert testimonies, investigations, medical specialists, and more. A lawyer should be able to fund this type of case and have connections for all the proper personnel resources.

How to hire personal injury attorney?Lawyer For Accident Injury

Personal injuries are of various types. There are road traffic accidents, accidents at work, tripping accidents, assault, accidents in the home, product defect accidents and holiday accidents. The question here is, if one is to become a victim of any of these how is he to get justice. The answer is simple, get a Spanish speaking personal injury lawyer. But finding a good lawyer can be troublesome if one is not able to identify between a good and a not so good lawyer. Here are a few pointers to help you out.

Recommendations can help

Getting recommendations are easy if you look for them in the right places. Ask your friends, family and office associates to help you by recommending a couple of names of good lawyers who have helped them in similar scenarios. Call the local bar association in your area for good recommendations as well.

Inquire who will handle your case

Find out when you meet with the Spanish speaking lawyer whether he is the one to represent your case or a subordinate of him will be dealing with it. If the answer is the latter then ask to meet with him personally, to find out whether his subordinates are capable enough.

Asking the right questions at the right time will help you find what you are seeking. If you are looking for a Personal injury lawyer (Illinois) just log on and your work will be made easier.

How to become personal injury attorney?Lawyer For Injury

If you’re wondering if you need a Spanish speaking personal injury lawyer, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some information for you about when they can make a real difference to your case.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

It’s common for people to think that their insurance company is working for them. That’s what all the ads say. But, when you are involved in an auto accident, the insurance companies are looking out for themselves. Your car insurance company is not a charity or nonprofit. They want to pay out the minimum that satisfies their obligation. They are in business to make a profit.

Never sign a release without consulting a personal injury lawyer. Once you accept a settlement, and sign a release, you give up the right to ask for more money later. If you sign a release early, and then develop a medical condition as a result of the accident, you’re out of luck.

The claim for an auto accident can be complicated and have many moving parts. You need to get your car fixed or replaced. You need to address any medical consequences from the accident. How will you replace your lost income?

Personal injury lawyers get paid a percentage based on the settlement they receive for you. This means two things: You normally will not have out of pocket expenses that are paid to a lawyer. And, they will work for the best settlement possible. You will not have to pay a retainer or any upfront costs.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, time off work… a lot to think about. If you’ve had a fall and need medical attention, you won’t always know the best way to proceed. You may have serious injuries that require ongoing treatment. That might mean time off work.

In any event, if you suspect that you’re the victim of food poisoning, seek the advice of a lawyer right away.

Construction Accident

Did you know that one out of six workplace fatalities are forklift related? Workplace injuries and fatalities are a terrible experience to go through.

When a construction accident has occurred, you need to bring a Spanish speaking personal injury lawyer into the picture as soon as possible. This type of attorney is specialized in construction accidents and can help you through the process of filing suit.

Most people won’t know where to begin, and companies are going to do their best to limit payments made to you or your loved ones.

Call Your Personal Injury Lawyer Today!

These are examples of ways that a lawyer can help you get through some rough spots in life. If you find yourself in any of these circumstances, call one today!

Don’t try to handle these types of occurrences on your own! Get someone in your corner to help you deal with it. Have a professional advise you the on the right steps you need to take.

You may think that you can’t afford a lawyer, but in reality, you can’t afford not to have one. You’re going to have expenses that you have to pay. Get compensation for your losses by using a competent personal injury lawyer.

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Si usted o un ser querido ha sido herido, gravemente herido o muerto en un accidente, o tiene cualquier otro caso de lesiones personales en el rea metropolitana de Chicago, solicite su consulta de case individual grats, llamando al, para hablar con un abogado de lesiones personales en este momento, o puede utilizar el formulario en lnea en nuestra web.

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Tiger undergoes back surgery, could be out six months| Reuters

Former world number one Tiger Woods said on Thursday he has undergone further surgery to help alleviate pain in his back and leg and could be away from competitive golf for another six months.

Woods, who has not played a tournament since pulling out of a European Tour event in February because of back spasms, has now undergone surgery on his ailing back four times since early 2014.

“The surgery went well, and I’m optimistic this will relieve my back spasms and pain,” Woods, 41, said in a statement on his website. “When healed, I look forward to getting back to a normal life, playing with my kids, competing in professional golf and living without the pain I have been battling so long.”

According to the statement the 14-times major winner will rest for several weeks before beginning therapy and treatment and, while each procedure and case is unique, patients typically return to full activity in about six months.

Due to previous herniations and three operations, Woods’ bottom lower-back disc severely narrowed, causing sciatica and severe back and leg pain, according to the statement.

The statement said that conservative therapy, which included rehabilitation, medication, limiting activity and injections, had failed as a permanent solution, and Woods opted to have surgery.

His latest operation was described as “minimally invasive” and entailed removing the damaged disc and re-elevating the collapsed disc space to normal levels.

Woods returned to the PGA Tour in January after a 17-month absence following back surgery. He missed the cut at the Farmers Insurance Open and shot an opening-round 77 a week later in Dubai before withdrawing.

(Reporting by Frank Pingue in Toronto; Editing by Toby Davis)

The Muckrakers: how a group of writers in the early 20th century exposed troubling cases of corruption in America.


Students should understand

* The muckrakers were investigative reporters of the early 20th century who exposed injustices of Industrial Revolution America.

* Writers such as the muckrakers are crucial to the process of necessary social change,


Upton Sinclair lived with Chicago stockyard workers for seven weeks while researching The Jungle. His primary intention was to expose dangerous working conditions in the meatpacking houses. He was taken aback when Americans seemed more concerned with the disgusting revelations about how meat was processed. “I aimed at the public’s heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach,” he wrote.


COMPREHENSION: How does a monopoly increase the likelihood of high prices? (Lacking competition, a monopoly can charge any price for the commodity it controls. People wanting the product have no choice but to pay the price.)

MAKING PAST-PRESENT CONNECTIONS: Can investigative journalism have the same impact today as it did a century ago? Find at least one example of such an article or series of articles in your local newspaper and explain why it/they did or did not bring change. (Answers will vary.)

IN OTHER WORDS: Have students read and analyze an excerpt from one of the muckraker’s work (see p. T-7 for a Tarbell excerpt), then rewrite it in their own words.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS. Ask students to investigate a community issue that they care about, then write a brief report on it. Have them try to use facts rather than their own opinions to sway readers.

“As for the other men, who worked in tank rooms full of steam … their peculiar trouble was that they fell into the vats [of lard]…. Sometimes they would be overlooked for days, till all bur the bones of them had gone out into the world as Anderson’s Pure Leaf Lard!”

A century ago, a writer named Upton Sinclair horrified Americans with the above description of working conditions in a meat-processing plant. Sinclair and other journalists were uncovering some of America’s most troubling secrets. Critics accused them of just wanting to stir up trouble. But the writers proudly wore their nickname: the muckrakers.

At the turn of the 20th century, the United States was on the brink of an exciting era. The economy was booming. The Industrial Revolution had helped turn U.S. businesses such as beef, steel, and oil into economic giants.

But everywhere, ordinary people suffered. Factory workers labored under dangerous conditions. Immigrants poured into the country looking for jobs, but were trapped in crowded city slums. Meanwhile, the richest 10 percent of Americans owned 90 percent of the country’s wealth.

Some Americans began to call for reform. Their collective demands came to be known as the Progressive Movement. The muckrakers–the voices of reform–exposed corrupt (dishonest) government and the greed of big business like never before.

The Importance of McClure’s

In 1893, an ambitious Irish immigrant named S. S. McClure started a magazine in New York City. McClure’s was important because it was the first magazine to allow its writers to examine a story in depth. In its pages, Lincoln Steffens, Ida M. Tarbell, Ray Stannard Baker, and other reporters created what is now called the investigative journalist.

In 1902, Steffens wrote a story for McClure’s about government and police corruption in St. Louis, Missouri. Readers were shocked to learn of the amount of graft in a major U.S. city. Steffens went on to write similar stories from Chicago, Minneapolis, and New York. His 1904 book, The Shame of Our Cities, inspired urban reforms across the country.

Monopolies were another big problem. A businessman could gain a monopoly by buying up small companies or driving them out of business. Eventually, he would be able to control the markets for a resource, such as oil or steel. Then he could charge anything he wanted for it.

As a girl, Ida M. Tarbell had watched John D. Rockefeller’s oil business spread across northwestern Pennsylvania. Tarbell later investigated Rockefeller’s powerful monopoly. In 1902, she published the first in a series of articles on the subject. They became a book, The History of the Standard Oil Company, which alarmed many U.S. officials. In 1911, the government broke up the monopoly. Standard Oil was forced to split into more than 33 companies.

The Jungle

The muckrakers had other successes. In 1904, a weekly publication called Appeal to Reason sent Upton Sinclair to investigate Chicago’s meatpacking plants. From this experience, Sinclair wrote a novel called The Jungle. His descriptions of unsafe and unsanitary conditions outraged the public. In 1906, Congress reacted to the anger by passing the Pure Food and Drug Act. That created the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and set strict standards for all food produced in the U.S.

Other writers of the time exposed stock-market fraud, child-labor abuses, and dangerous conditions in coal mines. Their reporting sparked reforms across the country. But President Theodore Roosevelt, who grew tired of the writers’ attacks, compared them to a character in Paul Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress. They were, he said, like “the Man with the Muckrake” who only knew how to stir up dirt. The name muckraker stuck.

The muckraking movement eventually declined for many reasons. In time, the country became distracted by the greater horrors of World War I (1914-1918). But the muckrakers had put their stamp on the country. Their work has inspired generations of crusading writers and reformers, and has helped improve conditions for countless Americans ever since.

WORDS to Know

* graft: money or power obtained in illegal ways.

* Industrial Revolution: the explosive growth of new machines and factory work beginning in the late 19th century.

* journalist: reporter.

* monopoly: control of a product by one person or company.

* muck: slimy dirt or filth.

RELATED ARTICLE: “He was gentle”.

In 1924, Lincoln Steffens had a son–my father, Pete Steffens. I asked my father what his father, Lincoln Steffens, was like.

“He was gentle, and he was a tease. He made sure that I learned to think for myself. [One day] I came out to play, and he drew a line in the path and said, ‘OK, Pete, I’m ordering you not to cross that line. That’s an order.’ I … defied [refused] him and stepped across the line. He scooped me up and said, ‘Good for you!’ He taught me not to take orders from anybody who is a big boss figure.”

–Daneet Steffens</p> <pre> Your Turn WORD MATCH 1. graft A. reporter 2. journalist B. control by a single person or group 3. corrupt C. slimy dirt 4. monopoly D. illegally gained money or power 5. muck E. dishonest ANSWERS 1. D 2. A 3. E 4. B 5. C </pre> <p>THINK ABOUT IT

1. What was the role of muckrakers in the early 20th century?.

2. Is there a need for this type of investigative journalist today? Why or why not?



* Civic ideals and practices: How investigative journalism led to economic and social reforms.

* Production, distribution, and consumption: Why legal standards were set for monopolies, food production, and other big business.



* Somervill, Barbara A., Ida Tarbell: Pioneer Investigative Reporter (M. Reynolds, 2002). Grades 6-12.

* Weinberg, Arthur and Lila (eds.) The Muckrakers (University of Illinois Press, 2002). High-level readers and/or teachers. WEB SITES


* An article by Lincoln Steffens

* Best American Journalism /A0777379.html

* Ida M. Tarbell

Minimally Invasive Herniated Disk Surgery in Chicago

Minimally Invasive Back Surgery by Dr Robert Fink

Herniated Disk surgery at Gold Coast Orthopedic-Spine and Hand Surger is typically done as “open surgery,” implying the location being operated is released with a long incision to permit the surgeon to access the anatomy and view. Over the last few years, nonetheless, technological advances have enabled a lot more back as well as neck problems to be treated with a minimally invasive surgical strategy.

Because minimally invasive herniated disk surgery (MISS), does not include a long incision, it prevents considerable damage to the muscles surrounding the herniated disk. In many cases, this causes less pain after surgery and a faster recovery.

Lumbar Spine surgery is typically suggested by Gold Coast Orthopedic-Spine and Hand Surgery only when a duration of nonsurgical treatment– such as drugs and physical therapy– has not alleviated the unpleasant signs brought on by your back issue. In addition, surgery is just considered if your doctor could determine the exact resource of your pain, such as a herniated disk or spinal constriction.

Minimally invasive methods are starting to be utilized for a wider array of spine treatments, as well as have been used for typical treatments like decompression as well as lumbar spine combination given that the 1990s. Spinal combination fixes troubles with the tiny bones of the spine (vertebrae).

Minimally Invasive Herniated Disk Surgery Description

Minimally invasive herniated disk surgery (MISS) is often called less invasive spine surgery. In these procedures, physicians utilize specialized instruments to access the spine with tiny cuts.

In a standard, open surgery, the physician makes an incision that is 5 to 6 in. long and also relocates the muscular tissues sideways in order to see the spine. With the muscle mass pulled to the side, the surgeon could access the lumbar spine to eliminate broken and also infected bone or intervertebral disks. The surgeon could also easily see to position screws, cages, and also any type of bone graft materials necessary to stabilize the spinal bones as well as advertise recovery.

One of the major drawbacks of open surgery is that the drawing or “retraction” of the muscle can harm the soft tissue. Although the objective of muscular tissue retraction is to help the surgeon see the trouble location, it normally influences more anatomy than the surgeon requires. Because of this, there is higher potential for muscle mass injury, as well as people could have discomfort after surgery that is various from the pain in the back felt before surgery. This can lead to a lengthier recovery period.

Minimally invasive spine surgery was established to treat herniated disk problems with less injury to the muscular tissues as well as other normal structures in the spine. It also aids the surgeon to see only where the problem exists in the lumbar spine. Other advantages to MISS include smaller sized cuts, much less blood loss, and also shorter stays in the health center.

Minimally Invasive Back Surgery Treatment

MISS combinations and also decompression procedures (such as diskectomy as well as laminectomy) are carried out with unique devices called tubular retractors. During the treatment, a small incision is made and the tubular retractor is inserted from the skin and soft cells down to the herniated disk. This develops a passage to the tiny location where the problem exists in the herniated disk. The tubular retractor holds the muscular tissues open and also is kept in place throughout the treatment.

The surgeon accesses the spine utilizing little instruments that fit via the center of the tubular retractor. Any bone or disk material that is gotten rid of exits with the retractor, and any gadgets needed for fusion– such as screws or rods– are inserted from the retractor. Some surgical procedures require greater than one retractor.

In order to see where to position the incision as well as put the retractor, the surgeon is guided by fluoroscopy. This technique presents real-time x-ray pictures of the person’s herniated disk on a screen throughout the surgery. The surgeon also utilizes an operating microscope to magnify the sight through the retractor. At the end of the procedure, the tubular retractor is removed as well as the muscle mass go back to original placement. This restricts the muscular tissue damages that is more typically seen in open surgical procedures.

Usual Minimally Invasive Back Surgeries


MIS Lumbar Diskectomy

A herniated disk in the reduced back that squeezes a nerve could cause extreme leg weak point, discomfort, or pins and needles. To operatively soothe these symptoms, the disk is eliminated. This procedure is called a diskectomy.

The surgeon inserts the retractor and gets rid of a small amount of the lamina bone. The surgeon meticulously pulls back the nerve, gets rid of the damaged disk, as well as replaces it with bone graft material.

This minimally invasive technique can additionally be made use of for herniated disks in the neck. The treatment is done with the back of the neck and also called an MIS posterior cervical diskectomy.

MIS Lumbar Fusion

A conventional, open lumbar blend may be carried out from the back, via the abdomen, or from the side. Minimally invasive back blends can be done similarly.

An usual MISS fusion is the transforaminal lumbar interbody blend (TLIF) Using this technique, the surgeon comes close to the spine a little bit from the side, which lowers just how much the spinal nerve must be moved.

In an MIS TLIF, the individual is positioned face-down and the surgeon places one retractor on either side of the spine. This strategy stops disturbance of the midline ligaments and bone. Making use of both retractors, the surgeon can get rid of the disk as well as the lamina, position the bone graft into the disk area, and also area screws or poles to give additional assistance.

Coming close to the lumbar spine slightly from the side does not give the surgeon with a full sight and it is typically an obstacle to remove the disk totally. This might make fusion recovery harder. Occasionally the surgeon will use added bone graft besides the person’s very own bone to improve the probability of recovery.

Minimally invasive lumbar spine combination is likewise frequently carried out from the side. There are 2 procedures that use a side method: extreme lateral interbody combination (XLIF) and also direct lateral interbody combination (DLIF). The advantages of these lateral fusion surgical procedures are that they do not hurt the muscular tissues in the back and also they do not yank or draw on the nerves in the spine canal.

Issues with Minimally Invasive Lumbar Spine Surgery

Similar to any type of operation, there are prospective threats related to MISS. Complications of MISS are similar to open up spine blend surgical procedures, nonetheless, some researches reveal a minimized infection rate for MISS. It is very important to talk about these risks with your surgeon before your procedure.

Infection. Anti-biotics are frequently given to the individual before, during, and usually after surgery to minimize the threat of infections.

Bleeding. A particular quantity of bleeding is anticipated, however this is not normally significant.

Pain at graft site. A tiny percent of clients will experience consistent discomfort at the bone graft site.

Reoccuring signs and symptoms. Some patients may experience a reappearance of their initial symptoms.

Pseudarthrosis. Clients that smoke are more likely to establish a pseudarthrosis. This is a problem where there is not nearly enough bone formation. If this occurs, a 2nd surgery could needed in order to acquire a strong fusion.

Nerve damages. It is possible that the nerves or capillary might be hurt during these operations. These problems are really uncommon.

Embolism. An additional uncommon issue is the formation of embolism in the legs. These pose considerable threat if they break off and travel to the lungs.

Minimally Invasive Lumbar Spine Surgery Recovery

Minimally invasive treatments could minimize healthcare facility remains. The exact length of time required in the health center will differ with each individual as well as individual procedure, yet usually, MISS people go home in 2 to 3 days.

Because minimally invasive strategies do not disrupt muscle mass and soft tissues, it is believed that post-operative discomfort is less than pain after standard, open treatments. You need to still anticipate to really feel some pain, however, improvements suffering control currently make it easier for your medical professional to ease as well as manage pain.

To assist you restore toughness and also speed your recovery, your physician could recommend physical therapy. This will depend on the procedure you have had and your general physical problem. Particular workouts will certainly help you become solid enough to return to work and also everyday tasks.

If you have had a fusion treatment, it may be numerous months before the bone is strong, although your comfort degree will typically boost much quicker. During this recovery time, the integrated spine must be kept in correct placement. You will be educated how you can relocate correctly, reposition, rest, stand, and stroll.

For how long it will take to return to your day-to-day activities after MISS depends upon your individual procedure and problem. Your doctor will certainly examine you after your surgery to make sure that your recovery is advancing as anticipated.

As a result, there is better capacity for muscle injury, and also clients may have discomfort after surgery that is various from the back pain felt prior to surgery. Minimally invasive lumbar spine surgery was created to alleviate lumbar spine problems with much less injury to the muscles as well as other normal frameworks in the spine. The benefits of these lateral blend surgical procedures are that they do not hurt the muscles in the back as well as they do not pull or draw on the nerves in the back canal.

Difficulties of MISS are comparable to open back combination surgical procedures, however, some studies reveal a lowered infection price for MISS. If this happens, a 2nd surgery may required in order to get a solid fusion.

For more information contact our Dr Robert James Fink surgery center for an appointment with Dr Robert J Fink.